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Warwick year abroad students won’t be guaranteed campus accommodation

They’ll have to enter a ballot instead

Students returning from a mandatory year abroad for the 2020/21 academic year will no longer be guaranteed on campus accommodation.

The policy differs from previous academic years which offered returning finalists a place on campus.

Students were told that if the 2020/21 academic year is their final year of study, they can enter a "ballot" for on campus accommodation, which the university said will take place "in term one."

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A spokesperson for the university said: "Our priority for campus accommodation are first year Undergraduate students and those who have specific requirements and are supported to live on campus.

"After this we prioritise our overseas Postgraduate students.

"As our overall student intake increases we have assessed the way we currently allocate accommodation to students."

One student, who is doing a year abroad in Spain, told The Warwick Tab: "Never thought I'd be homeless before I graduate. Thank you, Warwick."

Another added: "An accommodation on campus is a safe choice for students who can't just fly home for house viewings and it takes off some stress when they're already having to settle in a foreign country."

Additionally, the university is offering students the opportunity to book off-campus accommodation through Warwick Accommodation's off-campus provision.

Students can also seek advice from the Students' Union to secure accommodation in the private sector.

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A spokesperson for the university told The Warwick Tab: "Those students who will be studying abroad in 2019/20 have been notified that they can either enter the ballot for on-campus accommodation during 2020/21 if they are entering their final year or that they can secure off-campus accommodation through Warwick Accommodation from November.

"Campus accommodation for those returning from studying abroad has been available when possible but reviewed on an annual basis.

"No applications for accommodation in 2020/21 have been revoked due to the process not yet being open for applications and all current offers of campus accommodation for those returning from studying abroad in 2018/19 for 2019/20 remain valid.

"All students with specific accommodation requirements, including health and disability needs, can apply to be supported for guaranteed campus accommodation.

"All those studying abroad and seeking off-campus accommodation can speak to the Warwick Accommodation team for details of properties available and to ask any questions they wish.

"We advise all students who will be studying abroad in 2019/20 to contact Warwick Accommodation as soon as the process for securing accommodation opens to ask any questions and support with accommodation applications."