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Warwick offers applicant a place only to withdraw it three days later

She’d already turned down her other offers

Warwick University withdrew an offer to a prospective student after they mistakingly offering her a place to study History and Sociology.

Danie Shanice had done better than expected in her A levels and applied for History and Sociology at Warwick through adjustment. Despite initially giving her an offer, the university later emailed Danie to confirm she had a place to study History and Sociology.

Danie had already rejected other offers for Law at the University of Birmingham and University of Kent. Warwick told Danie she would need A Level History to study the course, and she would instead be allowed to study Sociology on its own. Danie told The Warwick Tab she would call Kent to try and get back her place to study law.

Danie tweeted screenshots of the email, which read: "We would definitely be able to make you an offer to study at Warwick. However, on reviewing your application we have realised a mistake was made by our hotline operative.

"To study History and Sociology, A Level History is required subject, and you would be at at significant disadvantage if studying the History and Sociology course because you do not have A Level History.

"I apologise that this wasn't made clear to you when you received the verbal offer, and that we did not check whether you had studied A Level History."

Danie told The Warwick Tab: "I'm calling Kent to give me my place back with Law.

"But that's not what I wanted."

Danie later tweeted: "For someone's mental health which is already on the line, the poor help from Warwick uni on their own mistake has been fabulous."

Many others also tweeted their anger and disappointment at the University.

One said: "What world are you living in when you think you can actually withdraw someone's offer after they've declined all their other offers?"

Another said: "A young woman does so well in her A levels that not only did she get offered by two top universities, but also gets an extra offer from your university as well.

"But instead of reward her you limit her opportunities and leave her with no other choice?"

Warwick's official Twitter account replied to Danie's original tweet, saying: "Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your offer.

"I don't work in the Admissions team, but I can pass your details to my colleagues and someone from the team can give you a call regarding your application."

A spokesperson for Warwick told The Warwick Tab: "We're pleased to have been able to support the applicant in successfully securing a place on one of their original choices and apologise for this situation and any distress it may have caused."

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