Warwick students protest against Climate Change

They targeted the BP archives at the Modern Records Centre

On Friday last week, students took to campus to protest in support of "Climate Justice" and the University's contribution to global emissions.

One protester described his reasons for participating: "This is all part of the collective movement…Specifically, we're demanding that our University commit to a plan of zero carbon emissions by 2030."

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Two Warwick Socialists, showing their solidarity with the protesters.

The protest started in the piazza with a series of short speeches being given on the subject of Climate change, in particular, the damaging impact of Big Business on vulnerable marginalised communities who are currently made to endure the effects of global warming.

The student activists then stormed Senate House. Students wroted pro-environmental messages on the steps of Senate House, before lying down in a pile in front of the doors.

This was to symbolise the lives that have already (and are currently being lost) to Climate Change.

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The activists then proceeded to direct their protest towards the Modern Records Centre and the BP Archives. Protestors explained that this was due to the BP "killing the earth."

The protesters then improvised the final stage of their protest by again making their mark on the pavement surrounding the Modern Records Centre with messages such as "BP f*ck off" and "No Blood".

The students then resumed their impassioned chanting of "Hey, Ho! Fossil Fuels have got to go!" and "We're students! Were loud! We're organised and we are proud!"

To conclude the protests, an organiser gave a final speech on the doorstep of the Modern Records Centre in defiance of the encroachment of unaccountable corporate bodies onto the University. This brought the protests to an end.