It’s time to nominate Warwick’s biggest BNOC 2019!

Who will take the throne?

Oh what a year it’s been for Warwick University. We’ve seen the cancelling (and resurrection) of POP! We’ve shed tears over the horror that was the exam timetable. We saw Warwick fall below the top 10, for the first time EVER, in the university rankings.

But who has been on the rise in the social rankings?

Who has climbed the social ladder?

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Think you know someone who has never missed a Smack Tuesday? Or someone who simply cannot navigate the Learning Grid without being met with an onslaught of fans?

Campus is their kingdom, and the piazza is their throne. Who is this year’s biggest BNOC?

Last year you voted Shashtika Sundar to be your Queen of campus. Who will take her throne in 2019?

Think you have the privilege of knowing this year’s biggest BNOC? Nominate them below…