Police presence increases in Canley after number of hate attacks targeting Chinese students

The University have been in contact with local police as a result

Police presence in Canley is set to increase following a number of reported attacks on Chinese students.

Affected students have been offered alternative accommodation and shuttle buses as a result, Coventry Live reports.

Chinese students have reported the attacks to both the police and the University who have described them as "troubling." The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has pledged to increase patrols as a matter of "priority."

One victim revealed that they had been bitten by an attacker, in her accommodation. She said: "I was scared to go out by myself, even to reception. I had friends, if I wanted to go buy some food or something like that, I'd ask them to accompany me."

The University of Warwick has responded to the news saying "the university is aware, and deeply concerned, that a number of Chinese students living in private landlord rented accommodation in Canley have had to contact the police about a range of troubling incidents."

The University has also revealed it is in contact with the police.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, expressed his concern at the attacks, labelling them "shocking and appalling."

“These young people travel half the way around the world and pay a lot of money to learn from the brightest minds our country has to offer. They also contribute significant amounts to the local economy."

Jamieson also expressed his reassurance to students that the police services will be increasing patrols and be treating the issue as a priority.