BREAKING: The SU has banned all Circling for POP!

The decision is due to ‘alcohol licensing conditions’

Warwick Student Union has banned all POP! circling events at SU and University venues until further notice.

The news was announced by SU President Liam Jackson via an e-mail which stated: "If your society organises circling activities which involve alcoholic drinking games, we recognise that this will be a disappointment and we're sorry to be telling you at such short notice."

Jackson continued to explain that the events cancellation was due to "a potential concern regarding… alcohol licensing conditions" and similar activities.

"We need to review this carefully before we are able to confirm the types of circling activities which are permitted."

The staple Wednesday night activity is set to continue for Week 3 and Week 4.

Ellie Dorsman, the former social-sec and current President of Warwick Swimming and Water Polo expressed her concern at the decision. She was worried that this would "lead to more members of sports societies drinking spirits rather than Purple, the staple of Warwick Circling."

She continued to say that having been a social sec for the past year, she found the presence of medical staff in the Copper Rooms reassuring.

Liam Jackson welcomes students to provide feeback via [email protected]

It is expected that more information on this terrible news will be available later this month.