Warwick SU speak out about university’s group chat response at NUS Conference

They submitted a motion titled ‘Reform to Disciplinaries for Oppressive Practices’

Warwick Students' Union is calling for reform within the NUS following Warwick University's response to the Warwick group chat incident.

Warwick University came under pressure last term after allowing members of a group chat who made rape threats to fellow female students to be allowed back on to campus.

The motion titled "Reform to Disciplinaries for Oppressive Practices" called out Warwick University's "permissive acceptance of rape culture, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, and disableism, as its processes and regulations served to protect men who sent message with content of this nature."

They are calling for the NUS to "support SUs to navigate disciplinary processes such that they can support marginalised students." And in addition, "to develop a best practice framework in relation to disciplinary processes relating to oppressive beliefs, behaviours, and practices."

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Larissa Keneddy, the former Education Officer for Warwick Students' Union took to Twitter to call out the NUS president for their lack of response and assistance during the Warwick group chat, asking "where were you?"

Liam Jackson, former Warwick SU President, also tweeted his dismay at the NUS response to the Warwick group chat incident, criticising the NUS for treating the incident as a "case study."

Warwick University responded to the motion and Warwick SU's criticism of their disciplinary process with the comment

“As announced by the Chair of the University Council, an independent review of our student disciplinary and appeals process was established and is being conducted. In parallel with the review, the university is consulting widely with the Warwick community on how we can translate our values of openness, diversity, respect and trust, as set out in our strategy, into a full statement or code of what is and is not acceptable behaviour and also, how we can encourage those positive behaviours. This work is being overseen by a joint group of Senate and Council, on which the Students’ Union is represented.

Accordingly, it would be inappropriate to comment further on this matter.”

While the NUS refused to comment, saying that "until a motion is adopted by NUS it remains a proposal and we are therefore unable to comment at this time."

We are awaiting comment from Warwick SU.