Warwick SU President calls for the University Vice Chancellor to resign

SU President Liam Jackson has made five demands to the Warwick VC

Warwick SU President, Liam Jackson, has written an open letter to Vice Chancellor Stuart Croft following the recent events surrounding the university's response to the boys' group chat.

In the letter, Jackson calls for greater accountability from the university following the way it has handled the situation surrounding the boys' group chat. Jackson even went as far as to conditionally call for the VC's resignation, saying: "Students expect your resignation if you cannot meaningfully explain the situation, show no remorse, or no commitment to learning and changing."

Furthermore, Jackson outlines five main demands from students. He also called for the university to apologise to the victims of the chat, students, staff and alumni. The five main demands, in brief, are:

1. Increased investment in support for the survivors of this and other cases of sexual violence.

2. Drastically reduce waiting times for mental health services.

3. Instigate a proper, meaningful disciplinary and appeal system review.

4. Write an open apology.

5. Ensure that yourself and the University are held accountable for the actions surrounding the investigation.

The demands come after an open meeting Jackson held with students yesterday about the university's response to the group chat news, and has also called for an urgent meeting with Stuart Croft to discuss the situation.

Jackson acknowledged the recent news that two of the boys with reduced sentences will not be back next academic year but also criticised the vague nature of the news, saying: "Students are, in small part, comforted that those who received reduced sentences will not be returning to campus, but students need greater assurances that they won’t be back. From your statement, it seems more like the gift of luck than any bold action taken on your behalf. Greater clarification on this would be well received."

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