Rolf the Campus Cat has been hit by a van

The accident occurred near Warwick Business School.

At 5.45 pm, yesterday evening, Warwick's beloved campus cat, Rolf, was knocked down by a van.

The incident took place in the 20 miles per hour zone right next to Warwick Business School.

It is still unknown whether the van was speeding over the limit.

In a statement published to Twitter, it was revealed that Rolf was rescued by Rachel, a first-year Medical student, who called his owners straight away.

Rolf was immediately taken to the emergency vet. Thankfully, only the "corner of his pelvic bone had been broken off".

Rolf has avoided surgery, but "will have to live in a crate for a month to restrict his movement" to ensure he gets total rest.

Rolf will be coming home tonight, and will hopefully be back on campus in no time.

The full statement can be found here: