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Two group chat students with reduced sentences will not return to Warwick University

The Vice-Chancellor issued a statement just now

Vice Chancellor, Stuart Croft, has announced the two students whose punishments were reduced over summer in an appeals process, will not return to Warwick University.

The statement read: "We are committed to ensuring the safety of our community.

"I have today spoken to the two young men concerned and confirm that neither of them will be returning to the University.I am continuing to listen to the views of students, staff and all members of our community here at Warwick and support them so that we can learn from this experience.”

Warwick for Free Education has since posted on the Facebook event page for Wednesday's demonstration saying,

"This is still going on despite the VC's statement. This uni's rape culture is still disgusting, its disciplinary process is broken, and we demand far better than conciliatory measures to hush us up. There are still some coming back but everything else must be addressed too. We will be heard!"

The Warwick Tab will update the story as it develops.

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