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‘Shame on you Warwick Uni’: Thousands speak out about Warwick’s failure to punish the group chat boys

‘I feel completely ashamed to associate with this institution’

Students, parents and members of the public have taken to Twitter in support of the victims of a group chat which made threats to rape and mutilate fellow female Warwick students.

The tweets come as a reaction to the news that of the eight boys who made comments such as "sometimes it's fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls," and "she looks like a rape victim," six would have their punishments reversed and will be back at university next academic year.

The boys were also involved in a second group chat called "Boys 2.0" in which they showed no remorse for their initial actions. One student who said "cannot wait to have surprise sex with some freshers" in the original group chat, said "let's do it all again".

The Hashtag #ShameOnYouWarwick began trending on Twitter after Twitter user, Meg Wain, posted the transcript of the comments that the boys made. The tweet has since received over 19,000 likes and 6,000 retweets. When the story originally broke, The Warwick Tab spoke to 28 girls who said they felt unsafe and threatened on campus.

Further victims of the group chat took to Twitter to share their response and reactions to the situation.

The university responded to the social media storm on Twitter, however users have felt that their response has not been sufficient:

Meg Wain's original tweet now has over 19,000 likes on Twitter.

These tweets came from Nicole, a student who was named in the chat and was discouraged by the boys from taking further action.

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