An A-Z of every POP! night out

The only D you’re going to get is Disco Dave

We like to think of ourselves as young, prosperous students on the brink of adulthood. However, once a week we surrender ourselves to our juvenile, animalistic selves.

POP! – There's great music, plenty of booze and it's the perfect opportunity for a mid-week shag. What more could you need?

A – Accommodation

Second years and third years look back at their days on campus with fondness. The ability to roll straight from the Copper Rooms to your accommodation is something that should not be taken for granted.

B – Baywatch

Both a treat for the ears and eyes. Who else looks forward to the clock striking midnight to be met with the sensual sound of that iconic Baywatch theme tune.

It's like the Copper Rooms is transformed into Ancient Rome with half naked men wandering about. An absolute peak of the night. You may as well go home after this.

C – Costumes

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Why do we do this to ourselves week in, week out? Trying to adapt to a different, more tenuous theme each week. By the end of a term you will have definitely exhausted all your creative capacity and spent half of you student loan at Planet Bong, just to end up looking like a twat.

D – Disco Dave

A hero among our generation, an artist, a creative. Rumour has it, he turned down Glastonbury because he's too good for it. We thank our lucky stars every day that we have the privilege of witnessing his talent once a week.

E – Eating at Warwick

'What do you mean I can't use my Santander back card?' 'What do you mean I can only pay with my Eating at Warwick card?' You'll have this same conversation with the bar staff every week before you walk shamelessly to the SU cash point to buy more drinks that you definitely don't need.

F – Freshers

Freshers, freshers everywhere. Freshers, make the most of POP! in first year. The ease, the accessibility – you'll never get that again.

POP! is also the night where you realise who out of your mates is a massive shark. Trust me, you'll never see them the same again.

G – Get Withs

We all remember our first house party. It was perhaps the first time you'd seen someone of the opposite sex. Hormones were high, expectations were higher. For some reason POP! on a Wednesday resembles this scenario.

People will be necking on wherever you go. Spreading their seed before your very own eyes.

H – Hickies

Lol at the guy who turns up to your Thursday morning seminar with a bruised neck and purple stained lips.

I – Incest

Don't get excited about who you get with at POP! They'll definitely end up getting with you best friend, in front of you, while you get with their flatmate.

And while you sit in your sports Circle, innocently chugging your pints of Purple it's probably best not to think about what percentage of people surrounding you have seen each other naked.

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J – Jagerbombs

You don't need another Jagerbomb. You really don't. And just because you can only use cash or your Eating at Warwick card to pay for drinks, doesn't mean you'll spend less money.

K – Knockout

You're next day will be a knockout. You're not waking up early, you're not finishing that assignment, and you're not getting to the gym.

Instead, you'll lie in bed, your stomach churning and your ears ringing with the sound of Mr. Brightside.

L – Lost

You think you know the Copper Rooms. You think it's small and easy to navigate.

It's not. You'll nip to the toilets and tell your friends to stay put, only to return to find no-one and a reduced sense of loyalty in your closest friends.

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M – Mortifying

You're not doing POP! right if you've never woken up the next morning feeling like a tit when you realised that you shagged that girl in your seminar while you were dressed as Harry Potter.

N – Nine am

You need an intense reduction in your sense of optimism if you think you're getting to your nine am seminar. And shame on you for scheduling in a 9 am on a Thursday.

O – Over-age

You're definitely too old for the school disco that is POP!

But enjoy it while you can because before you know it you'll be trading the Copper Rooms for the conference rooms of Morgan Stanley.

P – Purple

The devil's drink. It really is. It makes you bloat. It makes you want to shit out your insides. It makes your chun explosively. And yet you drink it week in and week out.

Q – Quickie

The only reason you're really going to POP! is for the chance of a no-strings-attached quickie. And hey, we're not judging you for it. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You do you, boo.

R – Rugby lads

We're all thinking it. It's so cool to wear a shirt and tie to POP! It sets you apart from the rest of the riff raff as a gentleman of fitness, good banter and good looks.

And if you didn't detect the sarcasm in that, you're probably a rugby lad and you look like a nonce at POP!

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S – Signal

Hey @SU, please can you sort out why no-one can ever get any signal in the Bermuda Triangle that is the Copper Rooms. I'm drunk, I'm lost and I cannot get ahold of anyone.

Even more detrimental is the fact you can't send that snapchat to fit, single Milan from Tennis saying 'hey, u at pop? xx'

T – Taccy Chunder

Let's be honest, there was nothing tactical about it. It was a necessary chunder.

U – U1

Thank goodness for the U1. It's like your carriage home. Don't fuck it up and have to order a £30 Uber home because you'll be trying to survive on a loaf of bread for the rest of the week after blowing your entire weekly budget.

V – VKs

The sweet, refreshing taste of the VK is enough to cancel out the toxic, heaviness of Purple.

Thank you VK for being there at our time of need.

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W – Wingman/ Wingwoman

These are the unsung heroes of a Wednesday POP! They sacrifice their night for you.

They'll notice the guy from your seminar making eyes at you from across the room while ABBA is playing, they'll make you aware of this attention and then they'll set you on your way- knowing they won't see you until the next day.

What would we do without these heroes? Probably have a lot less regrettable one night stands, that's what.

X – eXpectations

Best to have low expectations for POP! Just because you definitely won't be disappointed in that case.

Y – You may as well get a POP! pass

Don't be a dick and post on Facebook every week. Sort yourself out, stop being stingy and get a POP! pass

Z – Zzz

The best part of the night is when you're passed out in bed, smelling of Cider Black and VKs and finally getting some shut eye.

The rest and recuperation is necessary for you to be able to repeat this all again, just 7 days later.