The Tab investigates: Which Warwick clubs and bars are STILL using plastic straws?

It’s 2019 honey, where are your reusable metal straws?

You'd be a fool not to have noticed the recent upsurge in emotion over which straws people should be using. You'd also be a fool not to care about this. Actually, worse, you'd pretty much be a sadist if you're cool with looking at those videos of turtles with straws up their nostrils and feeling nothing.

And the thing is, it's so easy to stop using straws. No, it's not necessary to have one with your Starbucks coffee, and it definitely doesn't make your Diet Coke taste any better. But if it bothers you that much, there are reusable or biodegradable alternatives everywhere.

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However, the problem worsens after midnight when intoxicated students are ordering vodka lemonades at the bar having left their conscience and dignity at home for the night. But we shouldn't blame ourselves. It's too late once the bartender has made your drink and put a plastic straw in there themselves without your consent.

And that's what this is about – outing the establishments which, to the disagreement of the entire world, are still bulk buying plastic straws and shoving them in our drinks. So here's a list, featuring photographic evidence, of which bars and clubs in Leam (and Coventry) are STILL using plastic straws.


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So disappointed I didn't even buy a drink.


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sip sip bish

Sticky floors, sticky morals.

The Anti-Social

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A cute comic book interior won't save you from your sins.


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At Kasbah, not only do you get a disposable plastic straw to consume your drink with but you also get a matching disposable cup! What else would you expect from a Cov establishment?

Bedford Street

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Not impressed

Paper straws for tall drinks and plastic for martinis? At least have some consistency!


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This is getting old now


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mmm tastes like pollution

So we have concluded that pretty much ALL bars and clubs here at Warwick are dishing out the plastic (apart from Spoons, obviously). I mean can you imagine just how many straws a club like SMACK would get through in one night? Horrendous amounts.

And don't tell me maybe they're just getting rid of their last batches of straws – it's 2019 and disposable plastic just shouldn't be a thing anymore. Plus, there are ways for these institutions to get rid of their straws all together and recycle them.

So next time you're out on the sesh and you order a drink at the bar, don't let that bartender put a straw in your drink – tell them no, and together we will save those baby turtles.