Warwick University declared 11th Safest in the Country

And that’s despite all those illegal shopping trollies lying about

Warwick University has been declared the 11th safest University in the UK, according to the Complete University Guide.

The troubles of crime are fortunately not a worry for Warwick students, with only 29.7 criminal incidents per 1000 residents.

Unfortunately Warwick isn't the safest uni in the UK- that prestigious title goes to the Royal Agricultural University which only has 18.5 incidents per 1000 residents.

The most dangerous University in the UK though is the Courtauld Institute of Art with 92.0 incidents per 1000 residents with LSE being the 3rd most dangerous with 83.9 incidents per 1000 residents.

Warwick's doing pretty well overall at not getting burgled or robbed with only 8.3 robberies per 1000 residents and 1.0 burglary per 1000 residents, (not entirely sure on the difference between the two).

However, Warwick does have 20.4 violent or sexual offences committed per 1000 residents which makes it less safe than both York and Oxford Brookes.

But overall, Warwick's pretty safe. Warwick's a bit like a burger king at 1 o'clock in the morning- it has the potential to be dodgy but it's likely not because all the chaos is at McDonalds.