‘I need to re-evaluate my life’: Warwick SU President regrets starting Twitter beef with Disco Dave

Further evidence that POP! is the rowdiest night out

On Wednesday 14th November, POP! legend Disco Dave and President of the SU, Liam Jackson, entered into a public spat on Twitter.

The twitter beef started with a song request from the SU pres. Jackson requested Dave play "Things Can Only Get Better" by the band Dr:eam.

The song in question was famously used by Labour during the party's 1997 successful General Election campaign.

However, Disco Dave, who is clearly only here for the tunes, not the politics, responded to Jackson by saying he couldn't "play any political songs."

The SU president hit back at Disco Dave calling him out for supposed hypocrisy after he DJ'ed at a Tory dinner a couple of years ago.

The Twitter beef ended rather amicably however, when our SU President tweeted his apparent regret at the argument, leading Jackson to conclude, "I need to re-evaluate my life".

The Twitter beef received some response from other Twitter users, with one tweeting to "nationalise Disco Dave."

Liam Jackson responded to The Tab Warwick saying, "all I’m going to say is, purple got the better of me."

As if POP! couldn't be a weirder night…