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Are you Warwick’s maddest fresher? Nominations are open NOW!

Nominate that crazy fresh

Warwick, it's that time of year again. Put away your Spring Week applications, close your Vacation Scheme forms. Here's the only application form you need- it's Warwick's maddest fresher competition.

Already got a reputation for never missing a Smack night out? Are you know for being the life and soul of ever pre drinks? Have you committed something outrageous during your short time at Warwick?

If you think you've made a name for yourself already, you might be eligible to be The Warwick Tab's maddest fresher 2018.

This year's fresher has big steps to follow in, after 2017's maddest fresher Dave Aziz, committed to the cause and got a tattoo on his ankle of "Warwick's Maddest Fresher". Let's see what crazy shit this year's freshers have been getting up to.

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It's a serious title, nominate carefully.