What are you doing to help the homeless in Coventry and Leamington this Christmas?

Here’s how you can make someone’s Christmas just that little bit easier

Homelessness has become part and parcel of the student living experience in Leamington and Coventry. Whether it's your walk to the bus stop one morning or a drunken walk back from Smack, the homeless issue in Leamington and Coventry is apparent everywhere.

In 2016, the Warwick district council stated they "received 705 applications from people applying as homeless in 2015/16… an increase of 132 per cent on the number received in 2009/10."

Third year, Shari Lawrence-Willis, has taken matters into her own hands by initiating a fundraising project called "Great Give Warwick", which aims to be the UK’s biggest on-campus collection for the homeless.

The third year management student said: "I’ve become increasingly saddened by the numbers of people sleeping rough in Coventry and Leamington, and noticed that many students felt the same. With the holidays approaching, we can look forward to warm meals and time with loved ones, but many local homeless people will be cold, lonely and struggle to find meals.

"I realised that Warwick University has a huge student population, who by joining together to give, could make the slightest difference."

She decided to organise a collection from Warwick students of toiletries, food and clothing to then be distributed directly to the local homeless community via shelters in and around Leamington and Coventry.

Lawrence-Willis urges students to "find it in them to pick up an extra pack of biscuits, pair of gloves, toothbrush…anything they can – and donate to help make someone’s life a little bit easier this Christmas."

The collection will be happening on the 22nd and 23rd of November on the Piazza. More information can be found via the Great Give Warwick Twitter.