Which Friends character is your halls?

Because no-one told you campus was going to be this way

Arthur Vick- Chandler

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Could this accommodation BE any more Chandler? Arthur Vick is a central accommodation, just like Chandler is a central character. And like Chandler they also have commitment issues, hence why they signed up for a 38 week let.

Jack Martin- Monica

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Tidy, organised and with big enough kitchens to always be the hostess. Although let's face it as much as Monica wishes her parties were the most fun, JM will never host the best pres. They can try. They won't succeed. JM folk tend to be pretty tame, lusting after the same homely lifestyle Monica wants.

Bluebell- Rachel

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Rich, snobby, a princess- Rachel is your stereotypical Bluebell resident. Just like Rachel left her husband at the altar, Bluebell residents will abandon you as soon as they find out you don't have an ensuite.

Cryfield- Mr. Heckles

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Always in a bathrobe, always look like they've just woken up. Cryfield residents have the same chilled out vibes as Mr. Heckles- although the filth in their kitchens suggests that they'd never be seen holding a broom.

Lakeside- The chick and the duck

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Self explanatory really.

Rootes- Joey

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Everybody loves Joey. He's the life and soul of the party, the fun one, the lovable one. But also incredibly stupid- and I mean have you met some of the Rootes residents, especially the ones who think it's a good idea to smash ceiling tiles and smoke a zoot in full view of campus security. Joey's also pretty gross, and Rootes is pretty much a cesspit.

While Joey doesn't share food, everyone in Rootes thinks it's acceptable to share food. You think that bottle of milk will just be for you- don't be so naiive.

Sherbourne- Phoebe

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Phoebe's different to the rest of the gang. An enigma if you will. Just like Sherbourne really sets itself apart from the rest of the Warwick, Phoebe sets herself apart from the Friends gang.

She'e edgy, fun and has a ton of sex appeal- just like the classic Sherbourner.

Tocil- Ross

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Residents of Tocil have often taken a year abroad and tend to be older than your general on-campus freshers. Just like Ross is the oldie of the group. No-one wants to hear about the fourth years year abroad, just like no-one wants to hear about Ross' fetish for dinosaurs.

Westwood- Janice

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Nothing makes you say 'Oh My God' like the walk to the Westwood post room only to realise you've left your university card at central campus. You can try and escape Westwood all you want, but it'll always be there in the background waiting for you to innocently order an ASOS package. Just like Janice is always there to 'bump' into Chandler unexpectedly.

Whitefields- Gunther

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He's a central character and always around with his unsightly hair. Just like Whitefileds is centrally placed eye sore. You never really know much about Gunther, just like you don't know much about the inside of Whitefields.

Claycroft- Ugly Naked Guy

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Ugly Naked Guy was someone the Friend's gang couldn't avoid, just like you can't avoid Claycroft on your walk to Tesco. There was the episode where everyone thought Ugly Naked Guy was dead, just like Claycroft residences actually are dead.

Heronbank- Judy and Jack Geller

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They're above it all. So far removed that they only pop by a couple of times every season. Judy and Richard's appearances are so rare, just like the sighting of a Heronbank resident, who let's be honest cannot be bothered to make the trek down to campus

Redfern- Ursula

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Awful, horrible, needs to be knocked down. Still haven't forgiven Ursula for getting with Joey or for breaking Phoebe's thermos, just like I haven't forgiven Redfern for being a gross place to live.