University of Warwick

Don’t freak out, but Creams is opening in Leamington Spa

I know where I’m spending my student loan!!

If you weren't already excited to be coming back to Warwick, you definitely will be now, as a branch of Creams is opening in Leamington Spa.

The dessert restaurant, which has hundreds of stores across the country, has revealed that their new location will be in our very own Leamington Spa, in Regent Court.

Creams serves a plethora of desserts, from waffles, to crepes, to gelato, while providing a 1950s retro Americana vibe in their trendy restaurants.

The Creams Leamington Spa Facebook page has given teasers about the designs inside the new restaurant but are yet to confirm an exact opening date.

Creams on Regent Court, photo from Creams Cafe Leamington Spa Facebook.