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A Leamington cafe has been fined £10,000 for claiming its food can treat cancer

Pure & Raw made numerous illegal health claims

Pure & Raw cafe have been fined £10,000 for making numerous illegal health claims, including saying its food can treat and prevent cancer.

The Regent Street cafe, which is popular with students, was prosecuted after the business and its director, Mrs Ravinder Aujla, repeatedly failed to heed the advice of trading standards officers.

The business was unwilling to change or remove statements which they had made about their food.

These statements included:

• Flax oil helps to fight against breast cancer

• Ginger can treat ovarian cancer

• Goji berries protect against heart disease

• Kale has anti-cancer and anti-depressant effects

• Beetroot lowers blood pressure

The business pleaded guilty to twelve offences as did Mrs Aujla.

The company was fined £6,050 in total while Mrs Aujla was fined £4,452.57.

In response the business has now hired a compliance officer and a food and health expert.