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Shashtika Sundar is Warwick’s BNOC of 2018!

She won by a nail-biting 7 VOTES

Your winner for the most prestigious and sought after title, Warwick's BNOC of 2018, is third year Law student Shashtika Sundar, better known as "Shaz."

After four weeks of competitive voting, and hundreds of you getting involved to get your BNOCs recognised, Shashtika has come out on top of the polls.

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This years BNOC competition has been the toughest and closest to date, with only SEVEN votes determining Shashtika's first place title from our runner up, Amir Ben-Romdhane.

Third and fourth place were equally a close call, with Jack Abbey taking 24 per cent of the votes and Kamya Goel taking 13 per cent.

Talking about her win, Shashtika has told the Tab: "I was not expecting this at all! I have no clue what has made me BNOC, but I've had the best three years at Warwick, getting involved in different societies (shoutout to WFS and Ladies Hockey) and going out and meeting new people wherever I could!"

To any aspiring BNOCs for 2019, Shashtika's message is: "to be yourself, and have the best time at uni, you'll naturally end up meeting such a range of amazing people at Warwick."

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Well done to all our nominees and everyone who got involved in this years competition, as it was a tough call from start to finish. Thank you to everyone who voted and made our search for Warwick's BNOC possible.