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There will be microwaves and free boiling water permanently in the Library from 2019

All thanks to the lobbying by our SU sabbatical officers

It was announced yesterday that during the 2018/19 academic year, major changes to the Library and its facilities will be taking place, namely with the introduction of permanent free boiling water and microwaves.

Michael Kynaston, who officially ended his year as Warwick's Democracy and Development Officer in the SU yesterday, announced the plans for the Library renovations on Facebook.

Following the introduction of free boiling water at the end of last year, Kynaston has announced that this will become a more prominent feature in the Library, with the addition of microwaves, which will be a completely new venture for Warwick University.

Along with the additional resources, Lib 1, which is located next to Library Cafe, is set to be refurbished into a "chill out space" in which students can have their food and drink. It will be in here that the new student facilities will be permanently placed. The major changes are scheduled for Easter 2019, for first use in the third term of next year.

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A concept sketch of Lib 1

Kynaston has affirmed that until these changes are permanent in 2019, the free boiling water in the Library foyer will continue to be in use, and there will be temporary microwave facilities in "extremely close proximity to the Library."

The Facebook post has received nearly 150 likes in its first few hours, and comments have heralded Kynaston for his hard work during the year as Democracy and Development Officer.