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Warwick ranked fourth best university in Europe for teaching

Oxford, Cambridge and Sorbonne were ranked above us

Times Higher Education have released their first ever rankings for quality of teaching in Europe, and Warwick University have come in at an exceptional fourth place.

The new rankings took over 240 higher education institutions across eight nations into consideration, to provide new data on how successfully universities fulfil their mission to teach.

Phil Baty, Editorial Director, in a Times Higher Education article released in June, explains that this is "the world’s first international university ranking that puts student needs at its very heart – focused entirely on teaching and learning – and initially covering institutions across Europe."

Times Higher Education, using new, unique data sources from the institutions, put factors such as the institutions' resources, students' outcomes, and gender equality at the forefront of their research.

Phil Baty disclosed to Warwick University, as published in their official press release, that "The University of Warwick does particularly well in our ‘outcomes’ score, for successful student progress – but also does very well in our student engagement survey, demonstrating that its students feel stretched, challenged and stimulated by their courses."

In general, the United Kingdom have performed exceptionally well in the European rankings, with 15 out of the top 20 being United Kingdom higher education institutions.

Warwick has been heralded for it's success as a research-intensive university, as Chris Hughes, pro Vice-Chancellor of Education at the university, states that a great benefit of studying at Warwick is being "taught by researchers who are active and at the top of their field."