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The World Cup WON’T be shown on the Piazza anymore

The university believe it is now a safety hazard

The University of Warwick made an official statement yesterday explaining that the remaining World Cup matches, including the semi final on Wednesday, will no longer be played on the big screen on the Piazza.

Despite screening a variety of large-scale shows this year, including Eurovision and the first two rounds of World Cup matches, the University no longer "feel we can continue to safeguard students, staff and visitors on the piazza" during the football matches.

This announcement comes in preparation for England's semi final match against Croatia, on Wednesday at 7pm.

Students have commented on the Facebook post that they are in support of the University's decision, including Tiffany Soh, a postgrad student who commented: "It has affected postgrad students who are writing their dissertation during this period. I am glad the University stop screening."

Warwick have a history of precaution and safeguarding with international football matches, as in 2002 the University banned students flying the St. Georges flag during the World Cup.

Many students have commented that their "plans have been ruined" for Wednesdays match, as 139 of the 286 responses to the University's Facebook post have been "angry" and "sad" reactions.

Another comment on the Facebook post called the University "absolute killjoys," arguing that this was "the one thing in this whole term to look forward to and you can’t trust adults to look after themselves… sad and disappointing."

Students are urged to find other venues to watch the semi final on Wednesday, with many pubs in Leamington and Coventry still screening the match.