Warwick BNOC 2018 nominations: VOTE NOW!

It’s the vote you’ve all been waiting for

This term you've all been working hard nominating who you think is the biggest BNOC. BNOC is a title that doesn't come easily. It takes hard work, motivation and charisma.

We can now finally reveal to you, your nominees.

Jack Abbey

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The first nomination for BNOC 2018 is third year History student, Jack Abbey.

The former station manager of RAW is described as "epitomising the title of BNOC." While he claims he has never been to Smack or Neon, this hasn't seemed to stand between his way of becoming a Warwick socialite, and he is viewed as an 'unmistakable presence' at Pop! and Skool Dayz. Rumour has it that Jack Abbey was also once allowed by Disco Dave to introduce a song one Wednesday night.

When Abbey isn't the star of campus, he's also making his debut on stage. His social life was hardly "behind him" when he stared in the Warwick panto as a mermaid. But perhaps most impressive of all Jack recently found himself as the centre of a Facebook fan group with over 150 members.

Despite this, Abbey remains humble and responded to his nomination by declaring that "I'm literally one of the most boring people I know," before going on to confess his love of beans and bread- a staple diet to the BNOC.

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Shashtika Sundar

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The next nominnee is Law third year, Shashtika Sundar, otherwise known as 'Shaz.'

Shaz is the Co-President of Warwick Finance Society and UWLHC 3XI player and can always be caught "socialising on and off the pitch." When she's not dedicated to her Law degree or Warwick Finance Society, Shaz can be found dominating the Hockey circle on a Wednesday night.

Shaz's friend's describe her as the "loudest person on campus" and she's been described as a "human fireball of energy." Apparently she cannot navigate the Learning Grid without being hounded or stopping for a chat, as comes with the territory of being the most "well connected person on campus."

When she's not networking the Finance world, JP or Allen & Ovary, Shaz can be found networking rouge bar "post hockey circle."

Her BNOC allure was only solidified when Shaz made it on to the Law Undergraduate brochure. However, Shashtika was seemingly humbled by her nomination, responding to the accolade by saying "LOOOL absolutely hilarious," before going on to thank her fan club for the nominations.

Shashtika puts her BNOC title down to making a daily appearance in the grid, showing her pure commitment to the cause.

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Kamya Goel

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First year, Economics student, Kamya Goel is your next nominee.

Goel is known for being both a "social butterfly" and for hosting a "mean sesh at Sherbourne."

When Kamya isn't hosting the "littest pres," or circulating Smack or Neon she can be found working hard as Secretary of the Warwick Women's Careers Society and also engaging in Economics and Finance events from other societies. This has earned Kamya the title of "boujee bitch" amongst her friends.

She is also known as being a "mother" to her university friends and when she was told of her nomination she was quick to thank her "children."

Her other hobbies include singing, art and photography. Kamya credits her open and positive attitude and helpful nature for her nomination.

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Amir Ben-Romdhane

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Our final nominee for Warwick's BNOC this year is Amir Ben-Romdhane, a second year Engineer.

Amir is known for "constantly being stopped to talk to everyone on campus" and for apparently having "more hot dates than dinners."

When Amir isn't studying for his engineering degree, he spends his time rowing, being part of the infamous University of Warwick Boat Club, and appearing in their annual calendar.

While being a part of many societies and sports clubs on campus, Amir is said to be "known by anyone who is anyone," and enjoys trying new things and meeting new people.

Amir has been described by his friends as "bridging together Anglo-French ties at Warwick," because he's such a "nice chap who will talk to anyone."

Amir has commented that he was "very surprised" to be nominated.

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