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These are all the things you’ll undeniably miss about Warwick during summer

Can it be October now pls???

Disco Dave has performed his final POP! set, the finalists have got their results and the library are dishing out all their fines for 17/18. In short, it's the end of third term at Warwick. And despite being here for a whole 30 weeks, there are some odd, quirky, collective things we'll all miss about Warwick while we're away.

The Piazza steps

The Piazza is the literal heart of Warwick, and just being able to sit on the steps with your friends, eating, drinking, and gossipping is one of the best things about campus. Imagine the scenes on the Piazza if football actually came home this summer. Your local beer garden just doesn't compare.

When the Baywatch theme song comes on at POP!

Is there a moment in your local hometown club where loads of fit rugby lads take off their shirts and swing them in the air??? No?? Exactly.

The annoying repetitive adverts played on the Piazza screen all day long

They might make you mad while you're there, but Warwick wouldn't be Warwick without the constant adverts in the Piazza. It's like the soundtrack to campus. And I lowkey can't wait to hear it again in October.

Post- night out food at Viallis

Even though the queues are always manic at 2:30am, even though your number ALWAYS gets called out last, and even though you awkwardly have to eat your chicken nuggets squashed up next to the bin because there are no seats, Viallis will be sorely missed when we're not in Leamington over summer. Nothing really quenches that post-clubbing, pre-hangover hunger like Viallis' chips do.

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Curiositea's bagels

If you know, you know. Maybe it's the way they toast their bagels, maybe its the way they spread their cream cheese, but Curiositea and its quirks will really be missed while we're away from campus.

Being surrounded by so many friends all the time

You don't really realise how lucky you are to live with your friends all around you, until summer comes and suddenly everyone is split up, hundreds of miles away from each other. You can't just walk next door into your mates bedroom anymore, you actually have to spend money to travel to see them. Tragic.

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The happy hour prices at the Terrace Bar

Do I want to double up for a pound? Of course I do. The cheap alcohol, good vibes and good company in T Bar will sorely be missed over the summer.

The banter that you have with your flat

Despite spending the majority of the year arguing about whose bin day it is, and who's blocked the toilet for the 25th time this term, your flatmates were your first friends at uni. There's nothing like the bond you build over unblocking the kitchen sink for 3 hours, and the inside jokes you form after a year of living together.

Going to Smack and not having to wait in a queue for downstairs

A rare, but rewarding experience.


Playing drinking games with your home friends is frankly shit. They just don't understand Slaps, can barely get past number four in Sexy Roman Numerals, and they struggle to neck a pint of Purple. Circling at Warwick, with your society and sports pals, is undoubtedly the highlight of uni life, and there's no way that Wednesdays during the summer will be as good as Wednesday circles at Warwick.

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The toast in Kasbah

Literally the only good thing about trekking Coventry.

Asking for "Purple" in a bar and people actually understanding your order

Who knew it was actually called Snakebite everywhere else in the UK? Losers. Take me back to T Bar.

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Not too long till we’re lapping these up again ???

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The Learning Grid

No, I'm not talking about doing work, but just being IN the Learning Grid daily. Whether you're a socialite in the loud area, or someone who actually wants to get a first and be in the quiet area, you can't deny that the Learning Grid is one of the best things about campus. It's so bright, comfortable and so close to Costa that you can literally spend all day working (chatting) without getting bored.

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Not having to dress up nicely to go out

Clubbing at uni is clubbing in comfort. No one would bat an eyelid if you showed up to Smack in a baggy oversized jumper, or if you were wearing your gym trainers to Neon. Makeup? Keep in minimal, and there's no point having freshly washed hair because it would be ruined after a night in Kasbah anyway.

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