The Warwick Rowers’ were suspended from Instagram, but their account is now back up thank God

Don’t scare me like that

The Warwick Rowers had their account unexpectedly shut down on Monday this week, seemingly without reason.

While they have grown accustomed to having the odd post deleted, most of their posts are pics of them posing naked, the decision to suspend their account came as a surprise.

In a statement on Twitter, the Warwick Rowers said: "As many of you have noticed, our Instagram account has been permanently deactivated without any reason communicated to us.

"We're hoping this is a mistake and are waiting for them to allow us back on the platform to keep spreading our message"

Since 2009, The Rowers have posed for photos in the nude, carefully covering anything that Instagram might deem inappropriate, in order to create their annual calendar. This project has led to the rowers raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

The Rowers have particularly focused on raising money for the creation of the charity Sports Allies, which works towards making sport a "leader in promoting diversity", focusing on gender equality and LGBT rights.

The rowers have found it beneficial to use Instagram to communicate their message to the public. They hope that nude images of heterosexual males will help to channel a message of acceptance and inclusion, specifically with regards to sport. According to The Times, their efforts have been successfully backed by celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Kylie Minogue.

Instagram's Community Guidelines state: "Content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks" is deemed inappropriate.

It seems that content posted by the Rowers rarely abuses these guidelines. This has stimulated criticism with regards to male nudity being treated with more toughness than female nudity on social media.

Rower Lucas Etienne told "We have a policy of requiring models to have fairly natural pubic hair on the grounds that shaved crotches reflect an unrealistic and hyper-sexualised aesthetic that promotes unhealthy relationships with our natural bodies.

"But whatever your position on this, the clue is in the name. Pubic hair is not part of the genitals. It’s hair.”

Thankfully, the suspension of their Instagram account seems to have been lifted yesterday. Everyone take a deep sigh of relief.