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Warwick students give us their response to Kanye West’s ‘slavery was a choice’ statement

We are not impressed

Kanye West has broken the internet yet again, but this time, it's not for his new fashion line coming out or releasing a new album. In a TMZ interview earlier this week, the rapper came out with his most controversial statement to date.

"Slavery, for 400 years? 400 years? That sounds like a choice."

The response to Kanye's statements have gone viral over Twitter, most in complete outrage, and others making light of the statement with the popular hashtag #IfSlaveryWasAChoice. So we headed to the Learning Grid to ask Warwick students what they thought of the latest Kanye scandal.

Rohan and Junaid, First Years, Economics

I really like his music and his trainers, but Kanye shouldn't have said that statement.

To be fair, his fashion brand is going downhill, he's making stupid comments, his music hasn't been up to scratch recently, so he needs to fix up quick time.

Lauren, Second Year, PPE

I don't know what drugs he's on, but I really want one.

Ben, First Year, Data Science

How does a man like Kanye make comments like that but still get Kim Kardashian?

David, First Year, Law

Even though he thinks he's ahead of the time with the projects he goes into, I obviously cannot agree with his comment on slavery. We've all studied it in school and his views are pathetic, of course slavery wasn't a choice, people didn't have an option to either get on slave ships or not.

Farez and Kish, Second Years, Economics

I feel like Kayne's back on his Kanye best and he wanted to get something off his Kanye chest.


Sarah and Meghan, First Years, English

Wow, what the fuck.

Nasya, First Year, Economics

He needs to take a World History module. Kanye, hit up EC104 in the Econ department.