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In case you haven’t heard, there is now FREE boiling water in the Library

Gone are the days of paying 75p

After months of planning, Warwick SU have announced the arrival of free boiling water in the Library building.

The free facility was fought for by Warwick SU Democracy and Development Officer Michael Kynaston, who made the announcement on his public Facebook page on Thursday.

Warwick SU have called this a "big win for students", as it had previously been a contention that students could not make their own hot beverages without a cost.

Kynaston said: "This means instant noodles, this means coffees and teas and other hot drinks, it can even mean some instant porridge in the mornings. Please treat it responsibly and make good use of it!"

The boiling water facility itself can be found in the downstairs Library lobby, among the vending machines hidden slightly under the stairs.

In his Facebook post, Kynaston has also toyed with the idea of potentially having microwaves in the Library too, meaning students could easily heat up their own meals. Kynaston tells us to "watch this space."

The SU Officer has been called a "hero of the people", "Michael 'Magic-Hot Water' Kynaston", as well as having his praises sung on SU social media for this basic necessity now available in the Library.