Warwick Pride President causes ‘hurt and outrage’ after tweeting ‘Tory gays fuck off’

Warwick Pride is an organisation ‘committed to providing a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere’


The President of Warwick Pride has caused "hurt and outrage" with their comments about gay members of the Conservative Party.

Ky Andrea, studying English Literature at Warwick, tweeted: "Tory gays fuck off," and "Tory gays go home," despite their position at the top of Warwick Pride, an organisation committed to providing a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere for LGBTUA+ people.

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Twitter user Peter Ward tweeted screenshots of Ky's tweets, saying: "This is the president of Pride in Warwick. Someone that organises an event that is about tolerance, equality and respect," adding, "is this what you are promoting?"

Ward also said: "As a gay Conservative voter I find it incredibly disappointing to see Labour Party members and activists judging people based on their sexuality. What happened isn’t a one off, as a gay Tory it’s become habitual".

According to the Warwick Pride Constitution, the role of the President is to "represent the Society to the Union and the University, and shall be responsible for ensuring that the Society is run according to Union regulations and this Constitution as far as can be reasonably expected".

Fraser Amos, the newly elected chair of Warwick Labour, has also faced criticism for a retweet in March saying it is not homophobic to assume that all gay people must be left wing.

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In response to the allegations of homophobia in his tweets, Fraser told The Tab, "[This is] ridiculous, a dangerous trivialisation of homophobia & abuse, and part of a shameful media vilification of Munroe [the newly appointed Labour LGBT advisor], one the few trans women of colour present in British public life.

"I'm queer myself and am obviously aware that not all gay people are leftwing…However, I am always happy to criticise those in our community, often the most privileged, who actively support a party which has fought and continues to fight against LGBTQ+ liberation.

"Whose homophobic and transphobic austerity programme is destroying the LGBTQ+ youth groups & services, Children and Adult Mental Health Services, welfare programmes and housing support programmes that so many LGBTQ+ people rely on."

A Warwick student member of the LGBTQ+ community, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Tab: "I do think that you can be Conservative and LGBTQ+ but it begs the question of where your priorities lie?"

The University of Warwick Conservative Association (UWCA) told The Tab: "We condemn the comments that the individuals have made, and LGBT+ members of our society are hurt and outraged by the comments seen.

"Universities are great places where students should feel confident to be and act how they wish, and these comments by certain individuals contradict this."

On Friday of last week, Michael Fabricant, MP for Litchfield, gave a talk on campus as part of UWCA. Fabricant identifies as bisexual and as a Conservative MP gave the following comment on the tweets:

"This is the worst form of intolerance and actually demonstrates prejudice of the worst kind as well. To characterise any political party in this way is unacceptable and very naive."

Meanwhile Warwick Pride issued a statement on their Facebook page regarding Andrea's comments. The statement defended "committee members having and expressing their own opinions on social media platforms…"

"We will never stop encouraging individualism, personal identity nor pressure our members to stop expressing themselves. Pride has no affiliations with any political organisations and have always made this clear."

Ky Andrea has been approached for a comment but we have received no response.

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