Every Warwick night out-in starter pack form

Because Warwick’s famous for its nightlife…

Warwick is notorious for being a 'dead' uni. And while that may be somewhat true, it doesn't stop us from loving every second.

Whether you're a SMACK junkie, a serial POPper, or a fan of another kind of popping, you still love every aspect of Warwick's nightlife.

Wednesdays at Circle + POP!

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Whether or not you play a sport POP! has a special place in all Warwick students hearts. Love it or hate it, it's a staple of Warwick life.

Filled with lairy rugby lads, socially awkward polo players and social-secs with an inflated sense of ego, POP! has everything you could ever need. And as if the monotony of university life wasn't enough, POP!'s never changing playlist and staple DJ Dave only adds to this.

And let's be honest, there's nothing more romantic than snogging someone to the tune of Mr. Brightside whilst your breath smells of Purple.

Tuesday and Thursday's at SMACK

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We get it, you listen to Not3s, you love Lotto Boyz and you get an erection anytime someone brings up Drake. You start every night by caking your face in Urban Decay setting spray, even though you know nothing will protect you from the humidity of downstairs SMACK.

SMACK fans have a strange attachment to being either upstairs or downstairs, and it's one of the few places in the world that can generate such debate over floors.

You'll probably spend most of your time queueing and taking pictures by the photo wall, only to be kicked out shortly after for falling off of a platform like the drunken mess you are.

Keep The Faith at Zephyr

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Keep The Faith fans definitely do a humanity or combined honours degree and are disillusioned with modern day life and music.

You definitely read The Catcher in the Rye at aged 17 and it "changed your life" forever. Your response to anything on the Big Top 40 is 'what happened to the music of the good ol' days,' (those days referring to when you were nothing but a tiny little sperm).

When you're not looking for record players at Urban Outfitters or filtering your pictures with HUJI, you'll definitely be watching Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends in a bid to seem more academic when in reality, you'll just be watching the episode where he visits a brothel because it's funny.


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Kasbah is for the more adventurous of you who don't mind taking the treacherous trip to Coventry. You can rely on Kasbah for being consistently average.

The decor of Kasbah with its Arabian nights vibes make you feel like nothing is a bad idea, which is why you probably end up with a glitter rash on your face by the end of the night and £6 worse off from insisting the toilet attendant spray you in Charlie body spray.

And as if the Middle Eastern scenes and kebabs in the smoking area weren't confusing enough, Kasbah only becomes more confusing when you throw Coventry students into the mix ; beware of this and trust no-one.

Boots 'n' cats

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If you are a Boots 'n' cats fan, you my friend are a legend who is too cool for songs that have lyrics. You prefer to listen to music that sounds like your banging your head against a wall, and you don't care. In fact you don't care about anything, which is why you'll probably have dressed like you've just woken up from a nap.

You appreciate the heavy beats and bass as it allows you to momentarily forget about your private school heritage and five bedroom house in North London.

Switch at Assembly

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Switch is the event for the people who can pull off a bucket hat, a fanny pack and a jumper tied diagonally around their body without looking like an American dad on holiday.

Put the rave shades on, grab your hoops and pop some pills you crazy Southerner.

But lets be honest – Switch is all fun and games until its the morning after, you're mid comedown and Mummy and Daddy are coming to visit you to take you out for lunch at La Coppola.

Access at Altoria

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It doesn't matter if its Berlin addition, Paris addition – its all the same really.

Altoria on Access nights may as well be the Europa building and Donald Tusk may as well be DJ.

You either bloody hate it, or j'adore it.


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Ahh Neon, the staple of a Friday night at Warwick. It doesn't matter that you've been there once a week for the last 10 weeks, but you'll definitely be taking a picture in front of those Neon lights and giggle at the one that says 'cock.' Although it's hard to not look back in anger at that savage queue that sobered you up after you'd downed a whole bottle of Echo Falls.

Neon is filled with girl groups enjoying a 'girls night,' that will inevitably result with one girl crying in the bathrooms, and another girl getting with the guy she'd sworn she wouldn't get with ever again. Only for the next morning group pictures to be plastered over Instagram with the caption #AboutLastNight.

The saving grace of a Neon night however, is the easy crawl to Vialli's for some stale chips and a dodgy doner.

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