Stagecoach have increased bus fares even further

They state that this is part of national, annual increases to bus fares

Stagecoach have released a series of new bus fares over the course of the last two weeks. The new fares will see an increase of 20p to bus journeys to and from Leamington Spa.

Last April, Stagecoach increased fares by 10p to 40p. This latest increase has meant that over the course of the last two years, Stagecoach are charging students an extra 35p for a single journey to Leamington Spa.

Fare prices for a single journey now stand at £3.10, the first time that this journey will cost over £3 and an increase from £2.90.

A return journey from Leamington Spa is now £4.10, a 20p increase from £3.90.

It can be estimated that for a five day week, travelling from campus to Leamington Spa, students can expect to be set back £20.50 for travel, totalling almost £200 per ten week term.

Stagecoach told The Tab Warwick: "These increases are based on the increasing cost of fuel and that it is expected that travel companies nationally are set to increase their fare prices."

Stagecoach stated that it is likely that fare prices are likely to increase annually in line with the price of travel resources.