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Warwick University is spending £57 million on a new student accommodation village

Five Redfern blocks will be demolished as a result

Warwick University are currently spending £57 million on their largest residential building project which is set to be completed by Christmas 2020.

The new Cryfield Student Village will be located on central campus and will have 828 new bedroom facilities for students of the University.

As well as this, the new construction is set to have 12 new buildings to create a 'village' feeling on campus.

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CGI impression of the new Cryfield Student Village

The Cryfield area will also have a 'village hall' building, in which facilities such as a laundrette, a post room and student meeting areas will be housed.

The aim is to create a central hub around the new and growing accommodation blocks where Redfern currently stands, so that first students can move in by Autumn 2019.

The project will facilitate the creation of a 'different' set of student residences, which will take the form of townhouse-style apartments and studios, rather than the flats and corridors that are associated with current accommodation at Warwick.

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CGI impression of the new Cryfield Student Village

The University's expansion and spending is as a result of the growing demand for on-campus accommodation and their tendency to run out of accommodation for their students, and so the Cryfield Student Village should ease demands and support the continued growth of the University.