Cramming is the worst and it’s time you admit it

‘Just pull an all-nighter!’ they said

Surprise! It's nearly exam season, and you're faced with the ultimate dilemma. Prepare early or cram last-minute.

So many of us (including myself) will automatically choose the latter and indulge in that weird, oxymoronic state of stressful relaxation over Easter while we refuse to work but spend silly amounts of time thinking about how we actually should.

Deep down though, we all know this is shit, and so, by honing in on all of the aspects of last-minute cramming that make it so god awful, I am hoping to encourage you to get your shit together – not just for exam periods, but for all of your time at university. So here we go.

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Easter break is less of a holiday if you don't work

We've got 5 weeks off, which is plenty of time to meet up with your mates, 'sesh' pretty hard and prepare a little for your exams. You've been absolutely spoilt with free time and so by refusing to dedicate any of that towards work, guilt will inevitably loom upon you.

You'll get the most out of your Easter break if you split your time into leisure and work. You'll enjoy leisure more as you know you've earned it and you'll 'enjoy' work more because you know the more you do now the less you do later.

Doing nothing instead of work actually gets hella boring

Every teenager ever will refuse to admit this, but its true. You know that after that 6th episode of Friends (that you've probably seen many a time before) you'll start to feel a bit weird. The day has somehow disappeared without you even moving from your bed.

You look at your desk and you're like 'should I…', but that feels too absurd a thought, so you just let the next episode proceed- even though you know you probably won't enjoy it.

When you enter cramming period, you become the most annoying person in the world

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This happens throughout the year with coursework. Your mate will realise that all of a sudden they have 24 hours to write 2500 words on a book they've never read. They automatically become painfully passive aggressive towards anyone who crosses their path.

Instead of politely declining your invitation to go for coffee, they'll choose to instead vent all of their problems onto you. Queue the desperate rants of 'YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO FLAUBERT IS. FUCKS SAKE. I GOTTA GO WORK. JUST FUCK OFF. WAIT, DO YOU HAVE THE BOOK? CAN I BORROW IT?'

Don't wanna be this person? You know what to do.

It's just not true that the best quality work is produced in shorter periods of time

Because that's just something that a crammer would say. And their lack of sleep makes them deluded. This comes from those bullshit videos you see on Facebook that claim useless, ridiculous things like 'Having three brothers makes you more intelligent! Tag your three brothers!' LIES.

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No one wants to hear about how tired you are

We get it! You pulled an all-nighter! You're suffering and so you should!

先眯一会儿保存体力再学习? @chris.zhufeng @o_ever_youthful

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Getting an extension for 'having a really bad cold' is completely unjustified

We're all in the same boat here. You somehow managed to get into uni, passed all your A-levels and so deadlines should be no mystery to you. Don't piss your classmates off by being a wet wipe.

Feel like you have an emotional attachment to cramming? You don't have to ditch it all together…

Use your skills in cramming to your advantage when you're studying. Present yourself with the challenge of having to learn something very quickly and very effectively and see if you can cram it all in. Then test yourself later.

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In summary we all know that cramming leisurely > relaxing stressfully