Everything you will know if you’ve ever lived as far as Sherbourne

Sorry Westwood. This isn’t about you.

Everyone always talks at how far Westwood is from Campus but the truth is that Sherbourne is nearly just as bad.

When the Warwick website stated that Sherbourne is 14 minutes walk away from Campus you never thought it would be that bad.

Boy were you an idiot for thinking that…

You have a love/hate relationship with the Shuttlebus

Oh the beloved shuttlebus. Nothing beats the relief of being saved a long journey from Sherbourne to…well anywhere really.

Friendships have broken upon the realisation that there is only space for one more on a rainy day. Even more gut-wrenching is the pain of giving up waiting only to watch it speed past you on its merry way to Sherbourne.

Going back after a night out is the absolute worst

When you've poured your heart out on the dance floor and must carry your drunk friend back to the safety of their bed, the distance becomes even more unbearable. Just when you think an Uber will save you the walk, you find that the barrier is down and you have to step down and find the rest of the way. The process of sobering up happens much quicker this way.

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Mornings are a mess.

Leaving Sherbourne requires AT LEAST 30 minutes for a roundtrip. You constantly choose between breakfast and making it on time for a 9am. You can't afford to forget anything at home in a morning haze, so you've memorised a list of essentials – including earphones – which keep your sanity intact on the long commutes.

You rarely go back to Sherbourne during the day

You live with the painful truth that an hour in between lectures isn't enough time to effortlessly pop back to Sherbourne for a nap as your friends in Jack Martin do.

You've come to love the ducks and geese

They make the walk feel a bit like a nature trail but it wouldn't be the same without them.

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Misplacing your fob is a nightmare

Facing being locked out of your block, flat and possibly your room is too much to bear after trekking all that way. Thank goodness for flat chats.

Tesco delivery isn't really optional

Walking to Tesco and back from Sherbourne only results in sweat, tears and numb fingers from carrying shopping bags that far.

Knowing this, the majority of your shopping is done from the comfort of your room/kitchen. You share the costs out with flat mates or foot it yourself with the assured knowledge that nothing is worth the trip there.

You know because you've tried it before.

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You feel somewhat privileged that you don't live in the new blocks which seem to be on the edge of the world…unless you do live there

Those extra couple hundred meters are too mean a feat for many. You are heartily commended. But seriously, does anyone know what's past those blocks?

The Amazon locker makes you feel better about the distance

To say that the Amazon locker is an advantage would be an understatement. If your goods don't arrive in Zahra then that means a trip to the Post office on Campus or even worse – the Post room.

You're always close but never close enough

You are grateful for that shortcut nearby WBS which shaves a good 5 minutes off the walk to and from Central Campus.

Even then, the agony of passing Scarman House, Lakeside and the nursery without even a glimpse of Sherbourne is enough to make anyone cry with frustration.

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Living off Campus doesn't seem like that big of a deal

I mean, you might as well be at this rate.