It’s your last chance: Vote for Warwick’s Most Eligible Bachelorette 2018

The choice is in your hands

This year the competition has been fierce. You sent in hundreds of nominations for your fittest single girl friends, and as always we brought you the best-of-the-best.

But now, you've got the power. Below are nine of the most eligible bachelorette's at Warwick this year, but only one can win. Get voting!

Jade Windle

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Fourth-year, English and French student, Jade Windle kicked off this year's bachelorette nominations.

Her nominators were quick to rave about her insane fitness and flexibility, as they told The Tab:

"She’s got both brains and beauty and as a trained yoga instructor she could teach you a few new moves."

Claire Koster

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Claire Koster, a Second-year psychology student, was nominated by friends who said she was "tall", "gorgeous" and "booty goals."

The party-lover's nominees also spoke of how kind and supportive the Aerobics social sec is and said they were "surprised she hasn't been cuffed already."

But be wary, this girl "won't waste her time on any boy lower than an 8."

Sasha Godson

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Sasha Godson, a third-year History student from Lincoln was also quick to make an impression. Friends described her as "a laidback girl" who is "literally always laughing" and without a doubt "pretty cool."

But you should hurry if you're interested, as a friend told The Tab:

"I'm tired of her getting more tinder matches than me."

Tina Lelli

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We also brought, second year Economics student, Tina Lelli to your attention. She's a girl you'll probably find on the fourth floor of the library and is even lucky enough to live with Warwick's most eligible bachelor.

Jasmine Hinton

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Second-year Psychology student Jasmine Hinton was described by friends as "peng in every way," and she impressed us with her worldliness. Not only did she grow up in Beijing before moving to Oxford, she is also both British AND Australian.

Friends say she's more than ready to get out of the single market, as they revealed she "is just dying for the right person!"

Charlotte Ganney

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We had another second-year Psychology girl in Charlotte Ganney. A sports-lover that friends said could be spotted "strutting her stuff on library floor 2 in her gym gear."

She may originally have been "a boarding school good girl from Hertfordshire", but friends said that doesn't mean she's not a bad girl at heart.

Sofia Ramadoro

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Volleyball player Sofia was nominated by friends who called her "smart, humble" and most importantly, "fit."

The "prettiest ginger alive", was said to be a huge fan of POP. Treating circle as a fun midweek break from the second year of her culture and communication degree.

Matilda Oliveira

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Third year PAIS student Matilda Oliveira, was described by friends as being constantly hunted by admirers:

"Whether it be guys sliding into her Instagram DMs or approaching her in the library, it's tough competition."

If you're looking to woo Matilda then you better your hip-hop because this girl is usually found in downstairs Smack "singing all the words to the trap album that dropped yesterday."

Cleri Boyle

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Our final nominee was Cleri Boyle. The Aerobics social sec who was described by friends as being "the most outrageous, fun going girl on campus" and “confident and a good laugh."

She may study Law, but Cleri will do anything but bore you.

Have your vote now for Warwick's most eligible bachelorette 2018

The vote closes Friday 9th March.