Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nominee 2018: Matilda Oliveira

Hip-hop loving boys, meet your match

Meet the latest nominee for Warwick's most eligible bachelorette, 3rd year politics and international studies student, Matilda Oliveira.

Matilda, better known by her friends as "Queen M", is apparently "constantly attracting male attention.

Whether it be guys sliding into her Instagram DMs or approaching her in the library, it's tough competition to get her attention," a friend told The Tab.

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She may be a third year, but that doesn't mean Matilda isn't an avid downstairs Smack lover. If you're looking to get to her heart you better make sure your music library is up to scratch. Friends say:

"You'll most likely catch her on the podiums in downstairs Smack singing all the words to the trap album that dropped yesterday – but be careful if your lyrical prowess isn't on point you won't be able to woo the hip-hop highness."

Not to worry, Matilda's not intimidating in anything beyond musical knowledge, she's a massive sweetie at heart and a great friend. The type to "hold your hair while you throw up, block your ex when you break up and stop your eyeliner from running when you're crying."

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When we told Matilda that she had been nominated forWarwick's most eligible bachelorette she couldn't believe it, but soon worked out who had promoted her to the big leagues.

She told The Tab: "There’s only one person who would’ve nominated me. So big thanks to Rohan, I’m sure this is going to take me far in life."

The vote for Warwick's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2018 will open soon.