11 online clothing stores that you’ve probably never heard of but should definitely check out

Because you’re sick of everyone having the same puffa jacket as you

Trying to stay fashionable at uni is a tricky task. You're deep into your overdraft by now and you just can't afford to be spending any more than 20 quid on any item of clothing (that is until you go home for holidays and your mum slips you some extra cash).

With this in mind, you tend to stick to the classic high street stores. You might stumble across some cool Urban Outfitters trousers on sale, and so you make the executive decision to shop in Aldi this week instead of Tesco's, saving a decent £15, which you deem enough to justify the purchase of the trousers.

They arrive and you drag yourself down to the postroom and are pretty chuffed with your purchase, only to find that four other girls in your seminar are sporting the exact same clothing. You just want to shove those trousers back into the UO bag they came in and get your money back.

In great efforts to minimise these situations, I have scanned the entire internet to find you new places to spend excessive amounts of money that you do not have. Thank me later.


You've probably come across Weekday on ASOS before, however, if you head to their actual website, you'll be pleasantly greeted with a huge range of modern, clean-cut clothes that aren't sold on ASOS, and they're up for good prices too. If you need to stock up on some basics that aren't too basic, this is the place for you.

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Frances T-shirt – £12

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Piet Mini Skirt – £35


This is a great store. They're all about minimal chic. They're stuff is generally pretty comfortable so perfect for uni, but at the same time everything is super flattering.

New Season stuff is more expensive than your average Zara purchase, HOWEVER, they always have a very big sale going, and I can promise you that it is in no way a bunch of crap. So my advice is just to head straight there.

If you're in need of cute tops for going out, look no further.


A pretty new retailer that is selling some very cute, cheap stuff. What's not to love? Plus students get 12% off with StudentBeans.

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Wrap Playsuit – £22.95

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High Neck Ribbed Knit – £22.95

Nasty Gal

You probably saw this one appear on your Insta sponsored posts, and probably ignored it because it looked pretty shit. However, Nasty Gal may have a stupid name but their stuff is actually pretty cool and definitely worth checking out.

Runway Bandits

This Singapore-based store has everything to offer if you're after understated casual wear for the daytime; it's especially great for the summer. Their jumpsuits are particularly impressive…

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Although its website is one of those where there's just too much going on for your tired, hungover eyes, SheIn is one of those stores that will always have a few gems hidden among the rest of its crap. They always have deals going even though their prices are almost uncomfortably cheap (not so cheap they they'll fall apart as soon as you wear them though, I promise).

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Stripe Side Velvet Wide Pants – £10.64 down from £26.59

Missy Empire

Have you noticed how MissGuided is no longer as cheap as it used to be? And their stuff is no longer as nice? Missy Empire offers a really good alternative. The prices are loyal and the fashion is actually pretty impressive.

Illustrated People

You can get your going out garms from here – they've got the co-ords, the printed tees and the mesh body suits that you've been looking for. It's kind of like The Ragged Priest, just cheaper and more wearable.

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Dagger Heart Halter Crop Top – £9 down from £28


As a fairly new member of the Inditex group (Zara, Bershka etc.), Stradivarius has a lot to live up to. However it has pulled through; it's high fashion with high street prices. There is literally no way I can knock this place.

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Coated Jean – £19.99

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Keith Haring T-shirt – £17.99

Hidden Fashion

A perfect location for your going out out essentials. The prices are really good the there's a huge range of stuff to choose from. This one is seriously underrated. Plus, as you move your mouse around the website, it becomes lots of tiny pink stars… PLUS, they have a system where you can buy and try without paying!

& Other Stories

I basically saved my favourite for the last. & Other Stories is like your classic high street store that sells cool modern stuff but with a twist of French chic. Literally everything they sell is beautiful and so unique.

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Mesh Bodysuit – £35