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These are the best places to get laid in Warwick this Valentine’s Day

Thank me later

Looking for love this Valentine's Day, but don't know where to find it? Do not fret. We've compiled a list of the best places to get down and dirty while love is in the air, so that you won't have to spend February 14th alone.

POP's smoking area

Arguably the best place to find love, and the desperation on Valentine's Day will make the job even easier. Use the classic line "Can I borrow a light?" to ignite a spark with the fitty that has caught your eye. Take them inside and confirm that they're the one by dancing to 'Sex on Fire' by Kings of Leon. If they can belt out every word like you can, then they definitely deserve your love this Valentine's Day.

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The Bandstand in Leam

If the walk from Smack to your uni house in South Leam is too long, have a quickie on the Bandstand with 'the one.' It's far enough into the park that you won't be seen or heard, and provides some paving so you don't have to do the deed right there on the grass. Perfect.

The alleyway behind Viallis

Quick, simple and easy. Enjoy your post-club snack while fulfilling your lustful desires behind everyones favourite eating establishment. Make sure to not let your chicken nuggets get cold though, because food still comes before love.

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Rouge Bar's couches

There's no place better than Rouge Bar to set the scene this Valentine's Day. Not only does the 14th fall on a Wednesday, but everyone in POP will be on the prow. So cop yourself a cheeky valentine and make yourself at home on the red couches in the Copper Rooms, just like hundreds of couples have before (so mind the stains).

The back of the U1

It's a cold, long journey from campus to Leamington. Don't make such a dreadful journey alone this Valentine's Day. Instead, find a mate to cuddle up with, avoid the chunder with, and go home with. The whole bus will be so drunk that they'll be oblivious to any cheeky and indecent activities you'll get up to on the back of the bus.

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