Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette 2018 nomination: Tina Lelli

She’s never paid for a drink on a night out

The Tab have been on the search for 2018's most eligible bachelorettes and as usual, nominations have not disappointed. You've all proved that there are some fine ladies at Warwick.

Enter, second year Economics student, Tina Lelli. Tina also happens to be the careers co-ordinator for EconSoc and is clearly in high demand. Tina's been recognised for a number of her achievements.

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But her accolades aren't just limited to campus as she's also managed to secure herself an internship with an investment bank next summer-perhaps proving the job market is less competitive than a chance to date Tina.

Last summer Tina also volunteered in India, teaching kids Maths and English and brushing up on her cooking skills as she can apparently now make "chapatis and curry #wifeymaterial."

Tina can either be found in on floor four of the library. If not there she'll be at her home in Leam, which she just so happens to share with Warwick's most eligible bachelor. Oh what we'd do to share a postcode with those two.

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When asked what she looked for in a significant other, material seemed to be very important as she wants a fella with "a heart of gold."

If there was ever a time to approach Tina, now seems like the time.

The vote for Warwick's most eligible bachelorette 2018 will open soon.