A definitive A-Z of every Smack night out

You’re hoping for the D, but just end up with Qs

Despite the faint smell of chunder, aggy bouncers and mile-long queues you're sure to be at Smack every Tuesday and Thursday if you're really going to enjoy Warwick. Just one night a week is sure to bring you enough drama and excitement to last a whole term.


ASOC appear to have a clear hold on downstairs Smack. Warwick's Asian Society seemingly compromise a large part of Smack's fanbase. And there really is nothing more exciting than when the DJ hits you with a bit of Punjabi MC on a Thursday night.

B- Bouncers

They are always lurking and always ready to ruin your night. The Smack bouncer is a notorious breed of security guarding. God forbid your rowdy behaviour in downstairs Smack leads to being escorted outside by the mass of muscle that is a Smack bouncer.

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C- Couples

It's easy to get Smack confused with the garden of Aphrodite with the amount of flourishing love and romance that seems to occur. No word of a lie, Smack is the equivalent to an adult mating ground. While it's probable that most of these couples have an expiration date (circa. when the lights are switched on), there's nothing more exciting that a potential blossoming romance on the platforms of downstairs Smack.

D- Downstairs

The Downstairs vs. Upstairs debate of Smack will have you thinking you're in an episode of Downtown Abbey. But wherever you stand, there really is no place like downstairs Smack. Walls dripping with sweat, and the scent of chunder in the air makes downstairs Smack an enigma of an institution.

E- Every week

You tell yourself you'll give Week 5 a miss with looming essay deadlines and that lab report due, but we all know while many things are variants at Warwick, one things a constant- you'll be at Smack every week. Without fail. There's no way you're sacrificing your chronic FOMO for a chance of a First.

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F- Fights

While some see Smack as the ultimate dance floor, others (the more rowdy of us) view Smack as a boxing ring and the ultimate opportunity to release some Testosterone and built up aggression. Either you've been involved in a fight, the cause of a fight or innocently swept up in a brawl but whoever you are- no one is safe from some Smack beef.

G- GB Fish and Chips

What you really want is Vialli's but there's no way you're making the ten minute trek through Leam, while you're already struggling to walk straight. GB Fish and Chips it is then. Cheap, cheerful and surprisingly well guarded by a bouncer- it's the best compromise of your night.

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H- Humidity

No matter how much you straighten your hair or how much product you use, the humidity in Smack is guaranteed to have you looking like Monica from Friends. The student sweat lurking in the atmosphere of Smack has the club feeling like the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

I- Incest

One of the best things about Smack is the fact that you're bound to know a huge proportion of Smack's customers. While a great pro of Smack, it also proves to be a double edged sword when you're bound to end up sharing saliva with your best friends ex.

J- Jagerbombs

At the time, buying a round of Jagerbombs for your flat of 11 seems like a good idea and a sure way of making friends, but the next morning when you check your bank balance with your hand still shaking from the Red Bull, those three rounds you bought will sure enough be highly regrettable.

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K- Knock Out

Smack is more than a club, it's a lifestyle choice. And with choosing Smack, also comes the consequence that the next day you will be a complete knock out. One does not go to Smack on a Tuesday and make all their lectures on a Wednesday.

L- Leamington Spa

It's no coincidence that Leamington Spa, home of the mighty Smack, has also been named the happiest place to live in the UK. While Leam may be a town of retirees and happy families, it also proves its versatility by housing Warwick's most treasured club.

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M- Mission

As much as we love it, the journey from campus to Smack is a mission on a night out. While the thirty-five minute bus journey passes you by while you're bevved up on the way there, it's length really does shine through when you're drenched in your own sweat on your way back, and all you want is your bed.

N- Nine am

No matter how hard you try, or how driven you are, that nine am the morning after Smack is as unattainable as your chance at sneaking your way downstairs, past a Smack bouncer- it's never going to happen.

O- Obsessed

They say that any obsession is dangerous, and this couldn't be more true than your obsession with Smack. Love it or hate it- it's still an obsession.

P- Platforms/ Photo Wall

Have you ever even been to Smack if you haven't posed for a mugshot by the entrance? The most ideal moment to snap a pic; before your hair's turned super frizzy and your makeup's been sweated off.

The iconic photo wall is second only to the platforms which you've definitely fallen off at some point and definitely fought with a random stranger over who had access to the platform first and thus who has more of a right to drop it like its hot at a higher level to everyone else.

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Q- Queues

The worst thing about a night out at Smack is by far the queues. You'll have to queue for everything, to get in, to go downstairs, even to urinate. In fact, Leamington has made a fine business out of the Smack 'queue jump,' where you essentially get to pay more money just to partake in another bout of queuing. But you still grin and bear it because the best things in life require patience.

R- Rammed

A nightclub or a cattle market?- You decide. Smack's capacity is poor to say the least and this leads to Smack being unapologetically crowded. The tragic consequence is that you certainly cannot bust a move as freely as you hoped and instead will be limited to slight head bopping while drowning in a sea of people.

S- Sweat

There's enough sweat in Smack to cure a drought. It's everywhere and everything you touch will be slightly damp. You'll leave Smack feeling like you've just completed an hours cardio, when in reality, you've just turned down too hard to some Drizzy and Lotto Boyz.

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T- Tuesday/ Thursday

The days of the week lose all meaning, because all your anticipating is your iconic Smack nights on a Tuesday and Thursday. At least you've got Wednesdays to recover only to go twice as hard on a Thursday. Smack Tuesday's and Thursday's make the reality of working hard at uni much more bearable.

U- Uber's

By the end of a night at Smack you will be eternally grateful for Amar the Uber driver pulling up in his Prius ready to take you home to campus. While he'll sit nervously at the front hoping you don't chun all over his Toyota, Uber drivers always make for the best person to post-mortem with after a night at Smack.

V- Vodbulls

£1 Vodbulls and a minimum spend of £5 is just a recipe for disaster when you end up having ten shots of Vodbull's to yourself. Smack Vodbull's are slow killers- you think they haven't hit you yet when before you know it you're struggling to see straight and are crying in the girls bathrooms of Smack.

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W- Wait, who did I get with?

The intimacy of downstairs Smack is both the best and worst thing about the club when you realise that everyone ends up being an audience watching you shamefully embarrass yourself whilst snogging the guy from your seminar on the platforms of Smack. You'll be obviously reminded of this the morning after and will either self congratulate yourself or want to bury your head in the ground.

X- unieXpress

If it weren't for the beautiful business idea that is UniExpress you'd probably spend all your time of your time on campus. But lo and behold, every Thursday when those yellow buses turn up like a carriage waiting to take you to Smack, it'll be the highlight of your week. While some see it as a useful mode of transportation, others view the UniExpress as a potential sick bucket, and you're bound to confront some form of chunder on the bus at some point.

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Y- Yeah, I'll go again next week

You'll spend more time at Smack during your time at Warwick than you will in the library working. While you'll 'ummm' and 'ahhh,' when someone asks about a potential night out at Smack we all know you'll end up going- but bless you for pretending otherwise.

Z- zzz

The undeniable best part of a night out at Smack – bed. When you're tummy is full with a kebab and the room has finally stopped spinning, bed is what your night calls for, that is if you end up in your own bed… after all, nothing can be certain at a night out in Smack.