It’s ball season and we’ve picked the perfect outfits for every theme so you don’t have to

Honestly, you can stop stressing

Has your Facebook feed been absolutely flooded with society ball invitations this week? If it hasn't, you should really join a society because this is exactly what they're good for.

Being a uni that doesn't hugely indulge in decadent formals day by day like some, ball season at Warwick is a time for us to demonstrate that we in fact do know how to be fancy.

The best way we can do this is by smashing our outfit choices.

To simplify this process for you all, I have shopped for each and every one of you, and have allocated my findings into the themes of the hottest balls this year…


The twenties is a fun theme but it's surprisingly difficult to pull off without looking like you bought a cheap costume off Amazon. My biggest piece of advice, therefore, is: don't go as mental as Pinterest would suggest you should.

The key is to pick just one or two elements from twenties fashion to accompany your outfit. These could be feathers, velvet, embellishment, flutter sleeves etc. One really great benefit of this is that you'll be able to wear your dress again and again, making it worth your investment…

Now these examples may look simple to you, however, once you've added a hair accessory (check out Etsy for this) and a dark lip, trust me, Daisy Buchanan vibes will be flying.

For the guys: think patterned braces, hambourg hats, striped suits and waistcoats.

Vintage Monte Carlo

For this theme, we're thinking flapper, Hermès and Elizabeth Taylor vibes. Monte Carlo is all about extravagance and money, so dress like you have both.

Accessories are what to focus on – you want glamorous turbans and huge jewels, and these can best be found on Etsy or ASOS Marketplace.

Dress wise, keep it pretty – your accessories are doing the statement work for you. Go for something flowy that accentuates your waist and is low-cut so that it shows off your jewels.

For the guys: bow ties (with matching handkerchiefs if you wanna be extra), and if you can manage it, pastel coloured suits (if you're struggling, channel your inner Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl)

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Masquerade balls are glamorous affairs and are big deals. In movies they centralise the entire plot and encompass some of the greatest fashion moments. Think Phantom of the Opera, Casanova and The Dark Knight Rises.

You either want the dress to be the focal point or the mask itself. Gorgeous lace masks can be found on Etsy or eBay.

A classic red (also comes in black) dress like this is ideal for masquerade, and leaves you with room to play around with the mask. This nude coloured one would work perfectly:

This dress is so unique because it combines classical elements of masquerade (such as the strapless neckline) with modern features. With this, you should pair it with a simple black mask.

For the guys: the glitzier your mask, the better – throw your masculinity out of the window and wear something sparkly

Black tie

In my humble opinion, all balls should be black tie. If you're going to dress up, you should be able to do it exactly your way, and black tie is the only theme that gives you such flexibility.

My advice is to wear whatever black tie is for you.

However, if traditional black tie attire isn't for you, I have piled up a few alternative suggestions…


Trousers/pant suits

For the guys: change up your blazer – this way you don't have to buy an entire new suit but you still get take part in the dressing up part.

Suit up and good luck you lot. Ball hard.