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We tried Purple at all of Warwick’s bars so you don’t have to

Conclusion: do not have Purple at Bar Fusion

Purple – the quintessential Warwick drink. Whether you're circling with your sports team, having a quick one with the lads in Terrace Bar or enjoying a cheeky beverage with your meal at the Dirty Duck – us Warwick students always reach for a cold pint of Purple.

But where is the best Purple on campus, you may ask? Well, we've conducted our own investigation so that you no longer need to waste time on such a trivial question.

Terrace Bar

An easy option for anyone living on campus or catching a drink after lectures, Terrace Bar is definitely the nicest place to drink on campus and that's reflected in its excellent Purple. Not too overwhelmingly fruity, and not too strong for you lightweights out there. A pint of Purple is definitely worth the price during T Bar's Bus Stop happy hour too. Solid 9/10.

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A happy customer

Copper Rooms

The OG of Warwick bars. Considering the amount of Purple the Copper Rooms have to churn out on Wednesday nights, their formula is pretty good and the froth on top is ace.

Only downside is that the pre-made Purple which has been sitting on the bar, waiting to be bought by an unknowing fresher, can end up tasting watered down and quite rank. No worries though, you won't notice the taste when you're downing it. Standard 6/10.

Bar Fusion

I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. The Purple in Bar Fusion is frankly an absolute joke. Not only was it served in a plastic cup (who do you think I am?) but the drink was warm, yes, warm.

The ratio of blackcurrant,beer and cider was insulting, and tasted nothing like a proper Purple. Disappointing, would not recommend unless you enjoy revelling in vile beverages. Shocking 2/10.

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An unsung hero in terms of bars on campus. Usually just for postgrads but opens up for circling on Wednesdays, and the Graduate's Purple is pretty decent. The ratio of alcohol to blackcurrent is slightly bias (for obvious circling reasons) but nonetheless there is nothing specifically awful about this Purple. 7/10, fair play.

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Dirty Duck

As far as Purples go, the Dirty Duck has done pretty well. The consistency was spot on and had the perfect amount of blackcurrant to make the drink sweet. There was even that froth on the top which perfectly complimented the cider and beer, actually making it an enjoyable drink. 10/10, well done Dirty Duck, well done.

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Are you even a Warwick student if you've never tried to make your own Purple? As a novice, I can say it takes many attempts before smashing the formula to a great Purple. A bit of Strongbow and Stella, mixed with Ribena will give you that rustic Purple taste with all of your home comforts. 8/10, nearly there.

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