Campus style: New Year, New You

You are stepping into the new year right

January is a notoriously terrible month. The deadlines, the neglected resolutions and leaving you mum's cooking behind for Aldi microwave meals – it's hard to see how a situation like January can be rectified.

However, we must say, the fashion on campus this week did not correlate with such negativities. We saw a myriad of colours and textures, leaving us feeling as if January is not so bad after all.

Smashed it guys.

Alexis, Second Year, History and Politics

Image may contain: Walkway, Sidewalk, Pavement, Path, Suit, Overcoat, Jacket, Coat, Clothing, Blazer, Person, People, Human

Nishat, First Year, Classics

Image may contain: Sweater, Clothing, Cardigan, Person, People, Human

Alice, First Year, Management

Image may contain: Shoe, Riding Boot, Footwear, Clothing, Boot, Vase, Pottery, Potted Plant, Plant, Jar, Flora, Person, People, Human

Elizabeth, Second Year, History of Art and Sarah, Second Year, Sociology

Image may contain: Overcoat, Coat, Clothing, Woman, Girl, Female, Blonde, Person, People, Human

Hunter, First Year, PPE

Image may contain: Pants, Jeans, Denim, Clothing, Person, People, Human

Salah, Second Year, Economics

Image may contain: Jacket, Coat, Clothing, Blazer, Tartan, Plaid, Person, People, Human

Lisa, First Year, Management

Image may contain: Person, People, Human

And finally…

Image may contain: Toy, Teddy Bear, Mascot, Person, People, Human