Warwick Careers Advisor cleared of racism claims

She allegedly told students that ‘black people disadvantage themselves’ back in October

In October 2017, The Tab reported that a Careers Officer at Warwick University allegedly suggested black people disadvantage themselves when it comes to job applications.

Second year Law student Ikepo Abiru described the incident via a Twitter thread and made a formal complaint to the university.

The Careers Officer was quoted for saying "black people are generally laid back".

The university launched an investigation into the matter, with it recently coming to a conclusion. The investigation found that the staff member was not intentionally racist.

A spokesperson from the university said: “the investigation has now finished and it concluded that the member of staff in question did not intentionally, or purposefully, behave in a racist manner, but had exercised poor judgement when handling sensitive information.”

Ikepo Abiru has been contacted for a comment.