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Warwick Uni Library made over £55,000 in fines last year

A huge decrease from £81,000 the year before

The University of Warwick library has released figures showing that £55,903 was made in library fines in the 2016/17 academic year.

Whilst this may seem like a lot, it's a huge decrease from the 2015/16 year, when £81,000 was made. This reflects a general downwards trend, with £88,229.43 collected in 2014/13 and £94,262.04 collected in 2013/12.

The Warwick Library website states that fines are issued to act as both a deterrent and an incentive, "for borrowers to return items on time so that stock may be circulated fairly and effectively to all Library members."

Fourth year History student Joe McManus, commented that "I bet the decrease was because I was in Aus last year, it's so easy to whack up a £20k bill these days."

The Tab has approached The University of Warwick library for comment on why the number of library fines has decreased so much.