Police cars and helicopters were circling Warwick campus last night

The cause of the incident remains unknown

Last night on campus, many students were awoken to the sounds of a police helicopter circling campus.

Eyewitnesses have said that more than five police cars and vans were parked by the Bus Interchange in the early hours of the morning, followed by two on-call police cars driving through Rootes accommodation.

Fresher George Kendall told The Tab: "Police were lined up at intervals along the entrance to the forest across from the Piazza, shining torches into the woods, so that anyone who was potentially in there couldn't come out unseen."

Christie Bailey, a first year student at the scene asked a police officer what was happening, and was told to stay away, because there was a police dog unit in the woods.

Other students who were walking around the woodland area behind Bluebell accommodation disclosed that they came into contact with "more than one" police officer with police dogs at around 1am.

As well as officers on campus grounds, a police helicopter was seen and heard circling above the University from around 12am until 1am.

The Director of Press at Warwick confirmed this morning that the case had been "a police pursuit of individuals suspected of involvement in an offence that happened off campus.

They were believed to have possibly entered the campus while evading that pursuit."

West Midlands Police are yet to present any further information about what has happened.

More updates as they come.