Warwick BNOC 2017: Vote Now

The choice is yours

We scoured through the hundreds of nominations you sent us so that we could find the biggest name on campus this year. But now the ball is back in your court as voting has opened.

See our amazing nominees below and pick wisely:

Gerry Lianos

A third year Economics student described as “charismatic and humble”. Gerry is also said to be so prone to “drinking himself to oblivion”, that his friends think his future calling is to be a club promoter in Magaluf.

Warwick Goose

A second year “Goosology” student known for his political ventures, such as running for SU president, which has made him super popular on campus.

Arman Uddin

A first year PPE student who is the director of TEDxWarwick and the Head of Careers for PPE soc, while still managing to maintain a six pack. He is so popular a friend says he can’t walk through the library without being stopped for a chat multiple times.

Raven Saunt

A second year History student with a Snapchat score of over 100,000. Raven is such good friends with one of the bouncers at Smack that she gets a hug and a queue jump when he’s around.

Sagar Mangla

Third year management student, Sagar, is known for his wild partying. He’s run events at Neon and Altoris before as well as his own legendary house parties. When he’s not partying he holds an executive position in three societies – he is Events Coordinator for Bollywood Dance society,  Indian society and Management society.

Luke Jackson

Luke is a third year maths student who doesn’t even go to Warwick anymore. He’s now at Birmingham university after failing pretty much every year at Warwick. He still lives in Leam though as he is committed to the sesh and most importantly, Smack.

Tom Shea

A first year Information Systems Management student who loves pop and plays in many of the uni’s biggest football teams. He’s also rumoured to be very successful at pulling girls at POP!

Get voting now!