Warwick BNOC 2017 Nomination: Tom Shea

Just ask Women’s Hockey what he’s really like

Our next nominee is first year Information Systems Management student, Tom Shea.

Described by friends as “the king of pop”, Tom has apparently “been to more circles than lectures.” A friend said he once “brought a kettle to Pop and filled it with purple before running around the copper rooms giving everyone drinks.”

Tom is reportedly quite the Ladies’ man, with one submission admitting they lost their virginity to him and another claiming he has “over 350 matches on Tinder.” If unsure whether or not you believe these rumours his friends suggest you ask any of the female sports clubs that go to POP!

But Tom isn’t just popular with the ladies, he’s universally well known. A friend told us that he basically “knows everyone”, while another swears that “he literally plays for every football team on campus at some point.” Tom is also quite the society man.

A friend told us that despite being a fresher he is “already social sec of a sports team and one of warwick’s largest societies.”

When we asked Tom how it felt to be nominated, he said it felt like an honour. He told us: “I’ve loved my first year at Warwick so much and have tried my best to get stuck into as many societies and teams as possible. I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s a great feeling to hear that people recognise this.” He also made the point that he’d like to shout out Warwick Futsal.

Voting for Warwick BNOC 2017 opens today.