Warwick BNOC 2017 nomination: Luke Jackson

He doesn’t even go to Warwick

The newest nominee for Warwick’s BNOC 2017 is Luke Jackson, a third year Maths student – although one of his friends claims that his course is actually “Legend Studies.”

Luke is known for his YouTube channel and also for failing every single year, even getting 3% in one exam. He eventually dropped out of Warwick and he is now studying at the University of Birmingham. He was also banned from the library.

Despite the fact that he no longer studies at Warwick his “religious commitment to Smack Thursdays” means he has continued to live in Leamington anyway. While this has “nearly bankrupted him”, Luke thinks that it’s worth it because all of the bouncers in Leam know his name.

Funny stories about Luke include him passing out in his own vomit and urine in a Casino toilets and then later that same night winning £850. Another is that he is a major Pop ticket re-seller despite never attending Pop in his life.

His friends also tell us that he used to spend him summers inspecting trucks in Dover for illegal immigrants, but we are unsure whether to believe this. Also he apparently thought the saying “dog eat dog world” was actually “doggy dog world.”

Voting will open later today.